Federico M S Mohr, came to the world in 1992 in Uruguay. He is a multidisciplinary director and designer, specialized in visual communication through motion. He is a natural storyteller and his narrative style is enriched by his background in VFX, graphic design and animation. Always curious, drawn to mysteries, and with a love for problem-solving passed on by his father. Fede began his career in the advertising industry at the age of 19 working at Aparato.tv.

He worked with studios in Sydney, Singapore, Tel Aviv, USA and Uruguay, for clients in several continents. As CreatIve Director in Singapore he directed & designed projects in the APAC region for clients like IBM, Heineken, and SKII among others. 

His short film "Life to Ashes”, shot in Australia and brought back to Uruguay for post-production in 2019, was selected for several film festivals, such as Cleveland International Film Festival and winner at Queen Palm International Film Festival. Also received a letter from the then President of Uruguay, Tabaré Vazquez, applauding the relevance of the film and the importance of the topic.

Fede is currently based in Uruguay starting Colectivo.Work, a hub for creative projects.  He is also collaborating with some studios he admires locally and around the globe. 

Looking for creative ways and original approaches to tell meaningful stories that help expand our conciousness.